Los Angeles County Map Books
4287 – Hollister-Lincoln-Dewey-2nd
4288 – Hollister-2nd-Navy-Ocean
4289 – Pico-Lincoln-Hollister-Ocean

Sub Divisions
Sub Divisions

Subdivision When Who Where
Arcadia 1888 Bay-Lincoln-Kensington-7th
Central Beach 1901 G.A. Hart & A.R. Fraser Hart-Nielsen (railway tracks) -Ocean Park (Grand Ave)-Ocean (beach). 185 lots 25ft x 100ft
Commercial Company 1888 Norman-2nd-Hill-Main
Copeland Square 19?? Ocean Park-Lincoln-Ozone-Highland
Fountain Glen 19?? Pier-Lincoln-Ozone-Highland
Highland 19??
Hill Crest 19??
F P Howard’s 19?? F P Howard Kensignton-Lincoln-Ocean Park-Highland
Lucas 1874 N.A. Lucas 861 acres of Rancho La Ballona. From Rancho San Vicente on the north and to present city of Santa Monica limits on south
Ocean Park Terrace 19??
Ocean Spray 1888 H.L. Jones Bay-6th-Kensington-6th. 120 lots. 1896, H.L. Jones revives his Ocean Spray tract which had been first exploited in 1887 and sells 88 lots.
Santa Fe 1887 R.R. Tanner and T. A. Lewis. Hill-4th-Dewey-2nd. The Vawters sell the 53 acre Santa Fe tract to Tanner and Lewis, who put down a well, subdivide into lots, and put in sidewalks. Houses are built on the tract by R.R.Tanner, T.A. Lewis, W.S. Vawter and others.
Santa Monica 1889 Kinney and Ryan 7 acres. March 1893,Kinney and Ryan begin selling small 25 x 100 foot beach lots priced at $100 and featured piped water.
South Santa Monica 1875 Ivar A. Weid Pico-3rd-Strand-Ocean. 1875 Nancy Lucas sells a 50 acre tract, with 370 feet ocean frontage, to Weid. He at once advertises “South Santa Monica, Lots 60×150 feet. Villa sites purchased by Judges Bicknell and Glassell, Captain Thom, and others”.
Stoneham 19??
Vawters 1884 the Vawters In 1884 the Vawters purchased 100 acres of the Lucas tract, lying south of Hollister avenue and east of the electric tracks, paying $40.00 per acre. In 1887, the Vawters sold half of this property for more than the whole tract has cost them and W.S. Vawter built a handsome house in South Santa Monica, one of the first residences in that district.
Vawters Hill St 19?? Hill-3rd-Ocean Park-4th
Vawter Marine 19??
Vawters Ocean View 1888 Mills-3rd-Hill-2nd
Vawters Orchard 19?? Ashland-Highland-Pier-4th
Wadsworth and Hollister 1902 Thomas Wadsworth and C.W. Hollister Hollister-Nielsen-Wadsworth-Ocean. Wadsworth and Hollister purchase the north half of the Central Beach tract
Wave Crest 1888 Pico-Lincoln-Bay-4th. 90 lots
Ivar A. Weid’s 18?? Ivar A. Weid Pacific-Main-Strand-Ocean. A subdivision of South Santa Monica.
Weid and Haversticks 19?? Ivar A Weid and Haversticks Pico-3rd-Bay-Main. A subdivision of South Santa Monica.