OCEAN PARK PIERS(190? – 19??)
Santa Monica and Venice beaches looking southeast of Santa Monica Blvd., Santa Monica Pier in foreground. (1919 Photograph)

Ocean Park (1898 – 1975)
Built: 1898
Built by:
Fate: Burned 1912, 1924. Demolished in 1975

View of Santa Monica Beach from Ocean Park Pier, looking east, ca.1897

View of Ocean Park pier looking out to sea with a few people strolling, ca.1897

Ocean Park Pier, Santa Monica, Calif. opened August 28, 1898.

Ocean Park beach homes looking south toward the pier, ca.1903

Fraser’s Pier, Ocean Park originally the Ocean Park Pier refurbished as Fraser’s “Million Dollar Pier.” 1910

Fraser’s Million Dollar Pier, later the Ocean Park Pier, 1911

1912 Fraser’s Million Dollar Pier burns.
Ocean Park, CA Pier And Town Fire, Sep 1912
Ocean Park’s famous Fraser’s Million-Dollar-Pier Fire

Ocean Park Pier fire, 1924

Ruins after fire destroyed the Ocean Park Pier 1924

Jack’s At The Beach, the original famous restaurant at the north end of the Ocean Park Pier, 1974

Crumbling Pacific Ocean Park Pier, 1974

Pacific Ocean Park Pier, Santa Monica, burning July 12, 1974

Remains of the Pacific Ocean Park Pier looking west from Santa Monica, June 3, 1975

White Star (1905 – 1949)
Built: 1905
Built by:
Fate: Demolished in 1949

The White Star pier was completed in 1905, but it was not a paying investment during its first season and was sold in 1906. Renamed the Bristol pier in 1908, and the Crystal Pier in 1919 by Nat Goodwin.

Bristol Pier (19?? Photograph)

Rendevous Ballroom on the Crystal Pier at Hollister Street (1923 Photograph)

Ocean Park and the Santa Monica beaches and breakwater (1934 Photograph)

Looking south to the Ocean Park Pier past the Pacific Bathhouse and Rendezvous Ballroom on the Crystal Pier (1938 Photograph)