In 1990, Santa Monica designated its first historic district, the Third Street Neighborhood Historic District, consisting of 38 contributing buildings constructed between 1875 and 1930. The Third Street Neighborhood Historic District boundaries consist of the area bounded on the east by the rear property line of the parcels on the east side of Third Street; bounded on the south by Hill Street including the parcels on the south side of the street but excluding the parcel on the southeast corner of Hill Street and Third Street; bounded on the west by the rear property line of the parcels on the west side of Second Street; and bounded on the north by Ocean Park Boulevard. Structures that contribute to the character and integrity of the Third Street Neighborhood Historic District shall be defined as all structures built prior to 1935; noncontributing structures and sites shall be defined as post 1935 developments and vacant parcels.

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Architecturally, the buildings chronicle the evolution of design from the Victorian era through the revival styles of the 1920s and 1930s. The area displays a variety of architectural styles, from Victorian to Gothic, to American Colonial Revival, to California Craftsman, to Spanish Colonial Revival. Historically, the neighborhood has ties to some of Santa Monica’s most prominent early residents – including the Vawter, Hostetter and Archer families. The Vawters subdivided the area into residential lots, and also assisted in the establishment of Ocean Park’s first water company and Santa Monica’s first regular transportation service to Ocean Park. Moses Hostetter and his son William were both Neighborhood residents (2601 Second Street and 237 Beach Street, respectively). Moses Hostetter was a member of the Santa Monica Board of Trustees between 1896 and 1900, serving as chairman of the police, fire, and light committees. Alvin Archer constructed the American Colonial Revival home at 245 Hill Street and was also a founder of Ocean Park’s first volunteer fire brigade.

The Third Street Neighborhood Historic District was created in 1990
Council Mtg: ITEM 8-B 7/24/1990

3rd Street Historic District Guidelines

Santa Monica Code

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