Lot Size:
2.5 acres
240′ x 420′

633 Kensington Road
Formerly known as Kensington Park. A 2.5acre park built on the former Walter G. McGinley estate that was purchased by the city in 1958 with funds donated by Marcellus Joslyn. The walls, wrought-iron fence, and major trees are part of the original McGinley estate. Located at the top of a ridge line with an eastern facing side slope which affords vistas over the City. The park includes turf areas along the slope face and one basket ball court, children’s play area and a community center at the top of the hill. There is a dog run along the northern edge of the park.

The 1982 Arthur Mortimer 3 panel mural at the Kensington Road entry depicts (i) a bath house and ocean front in 1906, (ii) the boardwalk between Venice and Ocean Park in 1912, and (iii) Pier Avenue in 1904.

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Joslyn Park gets Facelift SM Mirror 7/1/1999